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Relaxing Massages in Los Angeles

If you’re in dire need of all-over pampering, you’ve come to the right place.

Massage therapy not only relieves pain and relaxes tense muscles. It refreshes and restores balance to the mind, body and spirit. It equips you to deal with stress and negative emotions in a calm, healthy way. It boosts your mood like nothing else. It is even effective for anxiety, high blood pressure and migraines. 

An Ancient Art

Using touch as a healing method and stress reliever traces back thousands of years. Massage therapy is referred to in ancient writings found in Japan, China, Egypt, Greece and the Indian subcontinent.


We’re proud to carry on this time-honored tradition at The Gendarmerie. Our signature massage starts with the deep tissue rub, which employs firm pressure and slow strokes. It is highly beneficial for improving mobility, correcting poor posture and relieving chronic pain.

The next technique, sports massaging, targets joints and muscles that are overused and stressed from repetitive movement. Our skilled therapists can tailor it to your specific needs.

A special yoga stretch will loosen your spine. You’ll feel pent-up tension release and melt away.

We finish up with the sensuous Swedish method known for long stokes, kneading, tapping, percussion and friction on the muscles. Joint manipulation will increase flexibility.

Our expert therapists, all of whom have been with us since we opened six years ago, have deep knowledge of the human body and years of experience. There are five therapists for each massage technique, and they’re happy to customize your treatment to work out stubborn knots and kinks. 

A Mellow Vibe

Given our laid-back, welcoming environment and wide variety of services, there’s no reason you can’t schedule an entire day of excess. You deserve it.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art steam room and shower facilities. Treat yourself to a facial. Sip wine while you have a pedicure. Transform your look with a stunning haircut, color treatment and eyebrow wax.

The warm, unhurried vibe makes The Gendarmerie an ideal place to hang out with friends or make new ones. 

A Vibrant Location

Our prime location in historic West Hollywood is surrounded by upscale music venues, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and nightclubs.

In the midst of it all, The Gendarmerie is a serene oasis after a day of shopping. It’s a full-service stop for sprucing up before a special date night. It’s a soothing sanctuary for reflection and regrouping after a stressful week at work.

Convenient Hours and Reasonable Prices

Our business hours, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week, are convenient for any schedule. You can’t put a price on utter euphoria, but we think you’ll find our massage therapy services very affordable:

  • $65 for 25 minutes
  • $120 for 50 minutes
  • $165 for 80 minutes
  • $215 for 110 minutes
  • $270 for 150 minutes
  • $320 for 180 minutes

Book your massage and much more now, and prepare to be indulged.

Gendarmerie Signature Massage

Our therapists combine the therapeutic techniques of Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and a great Yoga stretch that unwinds the spine and finishes with the feel-good pampering of Swedish Massage. We create a custom treatment for you that is luxurious and effective in relieving pain and stress.

Book now

  • 25 min. $65
  • 50 min. $120
  • 80 min. $165
  • 110 min. $215
  • 150 min. $270
  • 180 min. $320

Back, Neck and Head Massage

Our Signature massage focusing only on the back, neck, and head. This tailored massage can include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage or a variety of techniques depending on the clients’ wishes.

Book now

  • 25 min $60
  • 50 min $120
  • 80 min $165
  • 110 min $215

Sports Massage

After a strenuous workout or on the way home from the marathon, this unique approach combines the benefits of deep tissue massage, body-rocking techniques, trigger point work, stretching and relaxing massage. It puts your parts back in working order and alleviates, a lot of what would have been, tomorrow’s pain.

Book now

  • 25 min $105
  • 50 min $145
  • 80 min $195

Foot Reflexology and Signature Massage by Juan

25 min Reflexology plus 50 min Body Signature Massage $175

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas on the feet that correspond to specific body parts and organs. By directly stimulating the related reflex points and zones in the feet, your therapist can indirectly facilitate healing throughout the entire body and all of its related systems.

  • 25 min $50

Book now

Salt Scrub and Massage

Probably the best introduction to The Gendarmerie services. This gentle, exfoliating scrub using sea salt, natural essence, and a Balm that deeply moisturizes the body leaves you feeling as if you have the freshest, softest, skin of your adulthood…followed by a Special Gendarmerie Massage. A little bit of heaven!

Book now

  • 30 min Scrub and 25 min Massage $120
  • 30 min Scrub and 50 min Massage $165
  • 30 min Salt Scrub Only $55

Chair Massage

  • QuickBreak – Concentrates on back and neck – 10 min $15
  • Healthy Retreat – Back, neck and shoulders – 15 min $20
  • Mini Vaca – Back, neck, shoulders arms and hands – 25 min $30

Prenatal Massage

  • 50 min $120
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